Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leah, Armando and Alexander


Exhibition. Museum "Ogniwo" 1417 Main St. Winnipeg Oct. 4 - Dec.15.


After a long absence from my homeland, I realized that I am fascinated with ordinary things that I had not noticed while living there. The image of the Madonna is one of those things. She is present everywhere, not only in sacred places, but also in private homes, city courtyards, stores, gardens, and even car interiors. Besides being an important religious relic, the image of the Madonna is an integral element of everyday aesthetics.
During my last three visits to Poland, I focused on finding images of the Madonna “off the beaten path”. My goal was neither to realistically document a particular image nor to associate it with its definite location. On the contrary, I aspired to create a visual interpretation of complex personal emotions and memories which are evoked by the specific image of each Madonna. I sincerely hope this exhibition will truthfully represent my artistic intent.

Madonna in a mysterious golden crown

Madonna from the village market

Baroque Madonna

Gold Madonna from the south

Madonna from memories of grandma Michasia

Highlander’s Madonna from Zakopane

Deanna + Shaun - October 1, 2011